The King of Arcades (2014, Tiedebaby Films,, Amazon Prime)

The King of Arcades

Starring Richie Knucklez, Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Eugene Jarvis, Jerry Buckner​

1h 40min | Directed by Sean Tiedeman

Sean Tiedeman successfully raised $47,684 on Kickstarter for his first full-length feature documentary The King of Arcades. Co-produced by Adam F. Goldberg, creator of The Goldbergs on ABC, the nostalgic film has met with great success. The King of Arcades premiered to a sold out crowd at The Sands Casino Resort (Frank Banko Alehouse) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and appeared on several critics' top five lists of the best video game documentaries. The DVD was released on Amazon and the digital download was available via

The King of Arcades was filmed, edited, and directed by Sean Tiedeman.

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The King of Arcades enjoyed a theatrical run and played in movie theaters throughout the country including O'Neil Cinemas in Epping, New Hampshire and Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse in Columbus, Ohio.

The King of Arcades Trailer #2

GameKings • Comedy Central • Dutch TV Review

The King of Arcades Trailer #1

"If you like The King of Kong... You'll love this!”

- Gourmet Gamer Podcast

"Loved every second of it. It's a brilliant documentary and a fantastic story." 

 - William Barber (Founder of the largest coin-op expo in Europe, The South Coast Slam)


"I love when filmmakers go to unexpected places and find stories that grab you and don't let go."

- GMD Studios


"It will grip you, teach you, mold you, and in the end, give you much to think about."

- Gaming World United

"Top 5 Videogame Documentaries" - Retro Asylum



Steve Wiebe and Richie Knucklez Artwork by Joe Simko

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Artwork by Marc Schoenbach