The Badlees: Renew & Rewind
(2002, TV Movie, WB38)

The Badlees: Renew and Rewind

Starring The Badlees

Approx. 1h  | Directed by Dre' Len

Produced by Chris Fetchko

Editor, Filmed Interview Segments

Angeline is Coming Home Performance from The Badlees: Renew and Rewind (Live from the Manhattan Center)

An Aegis award-winning TV special, Renew and Rewind was a live concert event featuring The Badlees which aired on the WB, Service Electric Cable TV, and FOX affiliated networks.  Filmed by a crew at the Manhattan Center in New York City,  Sean Tiedeman worked at [K] Studios as an editor on the project and filmed and edited several award winning segments and including the show’s opening segment.

Renew & Rewind Interview Segment

Filmed and edited by Sean Tiedeman • GFX by Scott Krycia

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