Everything's Jake

(2000, Warner Bros., Lightyear Ent.)

Everything's Jake

Starring Ernie Hudson, Debbie Allen, Lou Rawls, Phyllis Diller, Doug E. Doug, Graeme Malcolm

1h 32min | Produced by Christopher Fetchko | Directed by Matthew Miele

Associate Producer, End Credit Scroll, Trailer Re-edit, and DVD Authoring

Everything's Jake Movie Trailer starring Ernie Hudson
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In this heartwarming film from Warner Bros. Home Video, homelessness is shown in a different light and illustrated with memorable performances from Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Debbie Allen (Fame), Robin Givens, Lou Rawls, and Phyllis Diller

The movie was a featured segment on ABC's The View and has been airing regularly on the Starz Network.

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Ernie Hudson promoting Everything's Jake on The View