Iron City Asskickers (2021, Cryptic Pictures)

Directed by George A. Romero

Iron City Asskickers

Cryptic Pictures LLC, George A. Romero Foundation

Starring J.B. Destiny, Big Poppa Gator, Lori Cardille

20min | Directed by George A. Romero

Editor, Final Composite, End Credits, DVD Authoring, 2021 Remaster!

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In 1998 Sean Tiedeman edited this proof-of-concept reality-style TV show alongside Scott Krycia and director George A. Romero.  "A pro-wrestling TV pilot featuring blue collar brawlers, babes and bimbos, and twisted story lines."

In 2021, this project was rediscovered and officially released by Cryptic Pictures and the George A. Romero Foundation on DVD and VHS. Sean also authored the DVD and edited a behind the scenes featurette titled George Came To My House which is included on the DVD.

On July 3rd, 2021 Sean was included on a cast and crew panel discussing the project at
The Living Dead Weekend (Monroeville Mall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

ICAK Panel.jpg
Tiedeman (far right) recalling his adventures editing Iron City Asskickers. (The Living Dead Weekend / Monroeville Mall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2021)
Tiedeman and Romero 1998

Check out the official VHS trailer!

Tiedeman and Romero in New York City (1998)