Hell's Half Acre  (2006, Blackplague Films)

Hell's Half Acre

Starring Tesia Nicoli, Ken Schwarz, Bob Weick, Joe Chapman, Todd Labar

1h | Written & Directed by Sean Tiedeman and Scott Krycia

From filmmakers Sean Tiedeman and Scott Krycia (Associate Producers of EVIL BONG) comes one of the highest body count films in horror history. A serial killer is brought to justice by his victims and burned alive on what is now known as Hell's Half Acre. Years later, a faceless killer begins slaughtering the townspeople. Losing her friends and family, Nicole Becker decides to go after the killer with all she's got. Double machetes, shotguns, dual handguns, and even a chaingun are all part of this killer's arsenal. Needless to say, it's gonna be messy!

Sean Tiedeman directed, produced, and edited Hell's Half Acre in partnership with Scott Krycia.  The ambitious duo even burned down a full-sized house in the opening scene.

The movie developed a cult following and was very well received in the indie horror film community.

Hell's Half Acre Trailer #1

The Making of Hell's Half Acre DVD Featurette

"Hell's Half Acre delivers over and over again. This is one of those hidden gems that I love finding in this job, a movie that I’d never heard of but quickly become a big fan of. You should track this one down, you won’t regret it."

- Sean Leonard, HORRORNEWS.NET

"Hell’s Half Acre ends up packing quite a punch in both the horror and dark humor departments and stands out from many other indie productions in both it’s production values and great sense of horror humor!"

- Synergy Magazine, Australia

Hell's Half Acre (2006)
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