Eavesdrop  (2008, Osiris Ent., Quixotic Endeavors)


Starring Chris Parnell, Wendie Malick, Anna Chlumsky, Ted McGinley, Alan Ruck, Lynn CohenTovah Feldshuh

1h 39min | Produced by Christopher Fetchko | Directed by Matthew Miele

Documentarian, Associate Producer, Video, Production Assistant

Eavesdrop Official Movie Trailer
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Eavesdrop: A Conversation with Writer/Director Matthew Miele

Filmed and edited by Sean Tiedeman

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Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place, a top line ensemble cast comes together in a crowded and smokey New York City bistro.

Friends, lovers, strangers, intellectuals, artists… their conversations cloaked in the safety of candlelight and wine… their words silently and keenly observed as they intertwine and drift, like the melody of life.

If one pays more attention to their surroundings than themselves,
life is all quite a spectacle.

Sean Tiedeman worked on set in various roles including Associate Producer, documentarian, and production assistant.  Tiedeman also directed, filmed, and edited the featurette, Eavesdrop: A Conversation with Matthew Miele which was included on the DVD.

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Sean Tiedeman on set • 2007